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 The Linkware Web Page Sets

These are the linkware web page graphic sets arranged by category type. Each category opens to a page with thumbnail shots of the sets which link to the full size sample page of each set in a new window. Access to each set requires the provided username and password now. Enter username and password in lower case only.

Please close the window to return to the category page. Then use your browser's Back button to return here or click Sets in the right-hand column. Please read Terms of Use before downloading.

Here are the categories:

Nested Tables Sets

Simple Table Sets
Top Headers
Left Border Sets Right Border Sets

Double Border Sets

Intro Page Sets
Interface Sets Frame Sets

A set with an asterisk (*) beside it means it is available for purchase.

A set with double asterisks (**) indicates that it includes pieces for creating nested tables pages, too.

Remember to read the Terms of Use. As linkware, these graphics are usable without charge in exchange for a link back to this web site for personal, non-profit users including educational and governmental, e.g. military personnel, and commercial or professional users, except where it is noted that commercial, professional or web designers are not allowed to use the graphic. Web designers are treated the same as commercial or professional users. This applies across the board to graphics offered on this site.

Additionally, none of these graphics may be offered for download or for sale on your or any other website nor may they be put in a collection either on a website or on media for download or for sale. Those rights are solely mine.

You can use a text link to the main page or use a graphic link button. Link back must be on the same page where the graphic is used, not on a credits page.

If you use a copy of the sample page's source for your own pages, please remove all of my text AND my copyright and Sitemeter code! Once you remove my stuff, save the page as a template. Then you can use the same style over and over, but renaming each page to what it is -- index, about me, photos, etc.

Be advised that any set may be removed at any time due to a purchase or other reasons. Sets will be added from time-to-time, too. :-) Many thanks to CandeeKis for the tutorial on creating watermarks used on most of these sets.

WebTV users: It is my understanding that you cannot download zip files. If you wish to get a set, please send me a note and I can send you all of the pieces by e-mail or provide other means. You will have to store these pieces at a transloader service, as hot-linking to any graphic is not allowed.




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