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 Resources and More for You

Links to a few font downloads, font sources for fonts used in the sets, font search engines, graphics tools, free to inexpensive graphics editors, and info for web masters. As I find more resources that would be of help to you, I'll add them here. All links, except any downloads, will open in the same window. I won't hold you captive to this site, at least not on this page. ;-) Note: All sites below were viewed in McAfee Site Advisor-enabled browser. Sites deemed unsafe were removed from this page.

Quick Click Links

Font Downloads

Font Sources

Font Convertors Mac

Font Search

Online Image Editor

Graphics Programs

Bits 'n' Pieces Sites

Transloader Sites

Mouseover Generators

JavaScript/DHTML Sites

Frames/Table Tools

CSS Help Sites

Font Downloads (TTF only except as noted)

ActionIs for PC
ActionIs for Mac (.sit file)

Aramis Italic for PC
Aramis Italic for Mac (.sit file)

Gaeilge 1
Sorry, no Mac version

Icklips for PC
Icklips for Mac (.sit file)

Touch of Nature for PC 
Touch of Nature for Mac (.sit file)

Trash for PC
Trash for Mac (.hqx file)

Sorry, no Mac version


Ooh Yeah! Font Freebies, Baby!

Font Shop Freebies - Get a free, limited time only sample of one of their featured fonts. Subscription to their monthly newsletter is not required but submitting an e-mail address is.

P22 Snowflake font - Download for free this cool snowflake font for either the Mac or Windows. It's created from their alphabet and dingbat fonts. Read how to use it in my blog post from December 21, 2005. Also consider signing up with their e-mail lists. Like the Font Shop, P22 offers free demo downloads of fonts but only to their e-mail list subscribers.

Scriptorium - like the font foundries/sellers above, this site also offers demo downloads of their wonderful fonts, many of them historically based, when you sign up for their e-mail newsletters. I love their Arts & Crafts, Art Nouveau and Psychedelic fonts.

Chank & Co. - how could I omit Chank Diesel and friends from this list? Great, fun fonts for free or to buy. You get first notice of their fonts via a newsletter, including free fonts.

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Font Sources

I've listed most of the fonts used on the sets by font name followed by the source(s) where you will find the download or the buy option. I try to list the designer or foundry web site, if they have one, then a distributor web site such as a font archive or font sales site, if they don't. Note that I usually send you to their main page. You must navigate to their free font or freeware section or select by alpha or use their search, typing in the name of the font.

Not all web sites below offer the fonts listed for Mac users. Mac OS 9 and earlier users, however, may be able to use one of a few shareware software to convert the Windows/OS X True Type fonts for use with your OS. Reminder: Commercial (pay) fonts are copyright-protected as are almost all free and shareware fonts. Few are in the public domain. If Mac versions do not exist, ask the font foundry, font designer or font distributor first. Same advice goes for PC and *nix users for Mac font conversions to PC/*nix use.

12 Saru Yellow Fog - sorry, no sources currently available now. Instead you can substitute almost any Asian type font for this one.

ActionIs - Font Freak (PC & Mac) or download from links above
Ambrosia - Abstract Fonts
Angelina (PC & Mac OS X only) - DaFont
Aramis Italic - Font Freak (PC only) or download from links above
Architext - DaFont (PC & Mac OS X)
Arial (commercial) - Fonts.com, Font Shop, MyFonts
Ashby (PC TT, PC & Mac Type 1) - Apostrophic Lab at Typoasis,
Pedroreina.net  (see 0173)
Asenine - Apostrophic Lab at Typoasis, Pedroreina.net (see 0154)

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Basehead - Font Freak
Benguiat Frisky (commercial) - Fonts.com, Font Shop, MyFonts
Bobo family (commercial $4.95 per face) - BayFonts
Bohemian Garden Party (commercial) - Blue Vinyl Fonts
Blue Melody (also for Mac) - Font Freak
Bumble Bee (also for Mac) - Blue Vinyl Fonts, Font Freak (PC only)

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Castaway  (PC TT & Mac PS) - Rotodesign
(PC & Mac) -
Apostrophic Lab at Typoasis, Pedroreina.net (see 0108)
Computerfont (PC & Mac OS X) - DaFont, Font River
Cybertron Metals (also for Mac) - Abstract Fonts (go to page 99 of letter C)

Dear Teacher Normal - DaFont
Devroye (PC & Mac) - Apostrophic Lab at Typoasis, Pedroreina.net (see 0182)

Font Shui (PC & Mac OS X)  - Harold's Fonts, DaFont

Gaeilge 1 - Font Garden or download PC TTF version on this page above
Geo Sans Light/Light Oblique (PC & Mac; donationware for commercial users) - Typoasis (see archive 2003 & archive 2004, text fonts), DaFont
Glazkrak - Larabie Fonts at MyFonts (scroll down and look for View options in right column, then sort alphabetically. Makes it easier to find this font. Also, make sure you select the free version $0)
Good Dog Cool - Fonthead Design (click on freeware link in menu)
Grado Gradoo (PC & Mac) - DaFont (PC & Mac OS X), Urban Fonts

Halcion (PC & Mac) - Apostrophic Lab at Typoasis, Pedroreina.net (see 0010), Font Paradise, DaFont
Hamburger Heaven (PC & Mac) - Da Font
Harmony (also for Mac) - Fonts for Flash

Icklips - Apostrophic Lab at Typoasis (PC only), Pedroreina.net (see 0008 PC & Mac), Font Connection (PC & Mac), Urban Fonts (PC & Mac)

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Jayne (see the Your Font selections) - Font Garden

KariKatzi (see the Your Font selections) - Font Garden
Krystal - Anke-Art, DaFont

Lucida Casual (commercial) - Fonts.com, Font Shop, MyFonts

Maynard (PC & Mac) - Rotodesign
Monotype Corsiva (commercial; see what software comes packaged with this font at Microsoft's typography page) - Fonts.com, Font Shop,

Nadall - Abstract Fonts
Nasalization - Larabie Fonts at MyFonts (scroll down and look for View options in right column, then sort alphabetically. Makes it easier to find this font. Also, make sure you select the free version $0)

Neuropol - Larabie Fonts at MyFonts (scroll down and look for View options in right column, then sort alphabetically. Makes it easier to find this font. Also, make sure you select the free version $0)

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Oh My God Stars! - WhoAmI Design at Typoasis, Font Garden

Pants Patrol - Larabie Fonts at MyFonts (scroll down and look for View options in right column, then sort alphabetically. Makes it easier to find this font. Also, make sure you select the free version $0)
Poppy AOE - The Astigmatic One Eye Institute, Da Font (PC and Mac OS X)
Papyrus Regular (commercial) - Eisner + Flake at FontShop (this comes closest to the one I used, especially with the letters E & F; select your country then navigate to Eisner + Flake)
Prefix - Divide By Zero

Reporter Two (commercial/ shareware) - Font Trader, Absolute Fonts Archive ("R" page 7), Fonts.com, Font Shop, MyFonts (do search on Reporter)
Rough Brush - Font Freak

Scriptina (PC & Mac) - Apostrophic Lab at Typoasis, Pedroreina.net (see 0158), About.com, DaFont (see Script-->Calligraphy)
Shagedelic - Font Freak
Speedline (PC only) - Font Freak (enter site, click past offer, click on PC fonts in left menu, then click on letter S. Not in any order, currently on page 3 of "S" section.)

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Tabitha (PC TTF) - 2-Free.netFont Zone, Ecofonts.com, Font Maniac, ffonts.net
Tender (for personal use only) - David Rakowski at Typoasis
Thong (PC & Mac) - Apostrophic Lab at Typoasis, Pedroreina.net (see 0094)
Tiniest Dancer (also for Mac) - Dinc!
Tom's Handwriting - Divide By Zero
Touch of Nature - Unauthorized Type (PC & Mac TTF & Type 1), Mike's Sketchpad (PC & Mac, TTF & Type 1), DaFont (PC & Mac OS X)
Trash - DaFont (also available as download near top of this page)
Trenz (PC & Mac) - Abstract Fonts (see page 54 of T section) or download PC version above

Usenet - Pedroreina.net (see 0029), DaFontFont Connection

Vivaldi (commercial/ shareware) - Fontage.com, Flashkit, Fonts.com, Font Shop, MyFonts (do search on Vivaldi)

Wasser - Anke-Art

Zombified - Sinister Fonts, DaFont

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Font Convertor Software Links for Mac OS 9

TTConvertor (shareware) - Font Freak, Font Monkey (see FAQ page), Typenow.net

TransType SE by FontLab, also available for the PC, $97 US

FontClerk freeware from Yamada Language Center is no longer available (download link doesn't work); originator site (creality.com) is no longer around, as the domain is now an auction site for Macs. Currently available Font Clerk is described as a shareware font reporting and management tool but can also convert fonts. See page at Tucows, the only place where I found working download links. Since the software originator's web site isn't around any longer, how do you pay them anyway?

Besides Tucows, the download for FontClerk can be found at the bottom of the Scriptorium utilities web page. And for some interesting reading on fonts in general, see this article at Design News.

Windows Users: CrossFont from Acute Systems can convert Win TT and PS Type 1 between Windows and Mac, and convert PS Type 1 to Open Type for Windows and Mac. Costs $45 US to buy with 15-day trial period.

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Font Search Engines

FontSeek - for free and commercial fonts
Identifont - Identify a font by description or if you know the name, type in the search box; find by designer or foundry

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Online Image Editing Tool - for putting text on buttons

MyImager.com - this site allows .jpg format images. No sign-ups required

Picnik.com - No sign-up required to get access to their basic online image editing tools, made primarily for photos or .jpg images. You can upload images from your computer or from your Facebook, Flickr, Photobucket, Picasa or Webshots account. There are about 16 fonts available to use for free. If you want to use your system fonts, you need to upgrade which is $24.95 per year.

Pikifx.com - While you can upload images from your computer or from online, it appears the Add Text feature is limited to just adding text without effects at the free and un-signed level. But there are lots of fonts available to use at this site. And while the site allows you to print your completed images to shirts, mugs, tote bags and the like, you CANNOT use any images from Arride Graphics for that purpose. Read the Terms of Use.

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Graphics Programs - Recommendations

I downloaded and evaluated some free and low-cost graphics programs for Windows you can use to put text on buttons and headers. Super for all you do-it-yourselfers. Prices in U.S. dollars.

Windows Only

PaintShop Pro - of course! This is what I use. Latest version (PaintShop Photo Pro X3) costs about $100 USD full version at their web site. Since Corel bought out Jasc for this software, the direction it's taking seems more towards manipulating photographs, beginning with version 10. However, it still seems you can manipulate any graphic as well as use tubes. If you prefer purchasing an earlier version, just do a search on your favorite search engine or web directory for Paint Shop Pro. Always go to reputable web or brick-and-mortar companies, though.

Net Studio Easy Web Graphics Premium - This is another amazing program that allows novices to create stunning web graphics. Uses wizards but once you get the hang of it, you can let your imagination loose. It didn't take me too long to figure out how to add text to a test button. 7-day free trial. Costs $99 download; $109 shipped.

ImageForge - 20 day evaluation. This is a nice program packed with features. During the evaluation period there is limited technical support, but they offer some FAQs to help you deal with common problems and questions.  Prices range from FREE for version 3.60 , under $30 for Pro version and under $40 for Gold version, all USD.

Paint.NET - free paint program that's been compared to the best graphics software programs around. Requires Windows XP SP2, Vista or Windows Server 2003 SP1+ and the .NET framework

Zoner Photo Studio - free and pay (v.13) versions available. Easily manipulate and share photos. Can add text to graphiics as well. Pay versions have more options you may be interested in for digital photos you take. Pay version starts from about $45.

Windows and Mac

Expression 3 (new link) - freeware for the Mac and Windows. Something really cool and free for Mac users. This is a vector-based painting and illustration program for those with MacOS 9+ and 10.1+ and Windows . Found the link to this from my newsletter subscription to Graphics.com and downloaded the Windows version when it became available, but I haven't tried it out yet. From the screenshots and description at Microsoft's web site, it looks pretty good. Plus being free is a great thing. Note: Microsoft developed a pay version for three different applications. This pay version is simply called Microsoft Expression, a web development tool. That is not what you want to download. You want Creature House Expression 3 which is what the link goes to. Download requires lots of patience.

Mac Only

ImageWell - I can't review this Mac OS X image editor, but users at CNet give this four out of five stars. It looks like it can do the job of putting text on images, so I give it my nod. Costs about $20 US but you can try out the full-featured product for free. Older, free version is no longer available from either CNet's Download.com or the creator, XTraLean Software.

Adobe ImageStyler 1.0 - For Mac System 7.5.5, this Adobe program appears to be able to put text on graphics as well as create graphics. This is a free beta version download from CNet.

Seashore - Based on the GIMP engine for Mac OS X, this free editor should work fine in doing simple things like putting text on the nav buttons and headers. But it can do much more. Read the full review of this product on the Scriptorium webpage, and again, thanks to Dave.

Windows, MacOS X and Unix

theGIMP - this is another graphics software that I've not tried out, though I've read good things about it. Comes in UNIX, Windows, and MacOS X flavors and it's free, open source. Cool!

A little update on GIMP: A full review of this product was done by Dave at The Scriptorium. Read his review and make your own decision about using GIMP. Thanks, Dave!

Remember, no matter which software program you use, you can only add text to my graphics. No other alteration of the graphics are allowed.

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Other Graphics Sites
for Bits 'n' Pieces

A few resources for buttons and dividers.

AAA Buttons
CoolText.com - like FlamingText below, great source for making your own logos and buttons online
Designed to a T
FlamingText - also a great source to make headers and buttons online
ProDraw Graphics' Buttons Library

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Transloader Services for WebTV Users

With new desktop PC computers at sub-$1000 prices now, WebTV seems like a dinosaur. But that's my opinion. Here are some transloader services you can use to store downloaded graphics. No direct-linking is allowed and nothing other than adding text can be done on the mostly .jpg images used for my graphics.

Domania Freeloaders

More helpful info:
Beth's All I Know About Transloading

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JavaScript Generators for Mouseovers/Rollovers

Rollover Effect Coder Lite - create one rollover button at a time. You can combine the scripts for each button, if you know how. A very well-hidden tool from Eyeland Studios.
Tigra Menu Online Builder - create rollover menus online. You'll need to sign up for an account which will allow you to store your menu on-site for easy editing. This is the resource I used for the rollover menu above. Did I mention it's free?

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JavaScript and DHTML Scripts

Please note that the scripts at the following web sites are not for novices. But they are not too, too difficult to use if you follow the directions given. These sites are some of my favorites!

Dynamic Drive
JavaScript Kit
JavaScript Source

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Tools for Generating HTML for Frames and Tables

TableMaker - this doesn't work for nested tables
FrameShop - create the code for frames pages
Manda.com - not only a tool for creating frames but also has tutorial

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CSS Help Sites

Code-Sucks - CSS layouts
CSS Creator
- a learning web site with support forums and online CSS layout creator
Developer Zone - CSS Style Properties
Groan Zone - Style Sheets
HTML Dog - also includes HTML tutorials
HMTL Goodies - CSS Tutorials
Lissa Explains It All
Web Design Group
Webmonkey Reference Stylesheets Guide

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That's all for now



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Scriptorium CD Sampler graphic link


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