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Background Tiles - Freeform Designs

Most of the tiles below are 100X100 pixels and are shown full-sized. Some tiles are not seamless. All are in .jpg format. Use your mouse controls to save the image or picture to your local or hard drive or, in the case of WebTV users, to your account at a transloader service. No direct-linking, please!

Many of the tiles below were created with Reptile by Sausage Software and a few of the tiles match edge backgrounds offered on this site. Other tiles were created with Texture Processor by Paurex, Harm's s99, and Paint Shop Pro 6 or 7. Textured tiles are best used as backgrounds behind tables or text boxes that use plain colors. Oftentimes, text is difficult to read on top of textures, so you may want to pair a textured tile with a colored tile from the Colors page.

Please read Terms of Use before downloading.

alien 5 tile - fuschsia & lime on black
2001 tile - red fluffs on blue
acid 1965 tile - purplish blobs on black
Acid 1965
acid 1968 tile - greenish fluffs on blue
Acid 1968
bender tile - beige blobs on dark aqua
bioslide tile - red & teal shapes on black
blobberino tile - green blobs on black
chaos tile - beige black amorphous shapes on blue
cooler tile - light blue cells on black
fingerpaint tile - childlike smears lt blue on pink
goth tile - yellow flames on black
inertia tile - dark pink shapes on black

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