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 Arride Graphics Customer Internet Privacy Statement

This privacy policy applies to this web site only.

Protecting your (and my) privacy is important to me. I deeply dislike spam and any unsolicited intrusions like anyone else. I hope the following statement will help you understand how Arride Graphics collects, uses and safeguards the personal information you provide to me on my site.

I. Information being collected online.

The information collected by this web site is done through a web site counter and tracker provided by SiteMeter, through any submissions to the e-mailer form provided by wwwtoolz.com on the Contact page or by direct e-mail, and through submissions to my guestbook. Additional information may be gathered via my payment processor, Kagi, for purposes of accepting payment only.

The information gathered through SiteMeter consists of your ISP domain name, your IP address, the location of the ISP (includes continent, country, region, city, and latitude/ longtitude), your language setting, your operating system, your browser, your time of visit, your last page view, your visit length, your page views, the referring URL, your visit entry page, your visit exit page, your time zone, and the time of your visit. All information is also collected in aggregate. There are no personally identifiable information gathered by SiteMeter, i.e. I won't know your name or your exact street address.

I use Amazon.com and GoogleAds on the web site. I am also an affiliate of Firefox and Scriptorium. Clicking through the links to those sites will subject you to their or their clients' privacy policies, if any, over which I have no control. I have other links to other, external web sites and their privacy policies, if available, apply on their sites.

I do not use cookies on this web site. However, cookies may be used by SiteMeter in order to gather the information it collects.

II. How the information collected is used or shared.

All of the information gathered at this web site is for my use only and is not shared with third parties, unless requested in writing by policing agencies or judicial courts of the state of California, the United States of America, local law enforcement, or international governments in criminal or civil investigations.

I use the information in SiteMeter to see where my visitors are coming and what they're looking for. Your name and e-mail address submitted via the e-mailer form or by direct e-mail is for my use only to correspond with you. Any information submitted in the guestbook is open for viewing by anyone, but I will not use any of it to spam you nor will it be knowingly given to third parties.

Any information collected by Kagi is solely for the purpose of collecting payments and follow-up, if necessary, to sales of licenses or sets. Kagi has its own privacy and security policies in place which you should read before completing any transaction.

Information gathered by Amazon.com, Google, and other external sites are up to their policies and terms of use agreements. Please read them.

III. Choices available to consumers regarding the marketing uses of the collected information.

I do not have a marketing department and have no plans at this time to do any direct marketing. I have a mailing list which is used solely to inform visitors of any updates to the site or of any new graphics.

It's your choice whether or not to fill out any forms on this site or to sign up with the mailing list. Information gathered by Kagi has requirements to fulfill the transactions and should not be circumvented.

IV. How consumer inquiries about their information or my privacy policy are handled.

If you have any questions about information submitted to this web site or to me directly, you can contact me at the following:

By e-mail

OR use the form on the Contact page (please read section V below)

V. How information online is protected.

This web site has a shared SSL (Secured Sockets Layer) certificate. However, there are no pages on this web site which require the use of the certificate since I am using external sources.

Using the wwwtoolz.com e-mailer form is not secure and a warning page appears prior to you sending the e-mail. Be aware that in general any data transmitted over the Internet can be intercepted. Encryption only makes it harder to read the data.

If you do not wish to accept cookies, scripts, or other tracking or information-gathering devices, you should set your browser at its highest security settings. However, doing so may disable usability on this web site or other web sites linked to from this site.

VI. Changes to the privacy policy.

Any changes to this privacy policy are at my discretion and will be posted on this page as an update or amendment.

Created: August 26, 2004
Last updated: June 20, 2007 (updates & edits in italics)



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