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About Linkware

All of the sets, border backgrounds, and bits-and-pieces are linkware. That means you can get these graphics in exchange for a link back to my web site on every page that any piece of graphic is used. A link button is provided with every set and a selection of link buttons can be found on the Link Buttons page for graphics that do not come with coordinating buttons such as the backgrounds and tiles..The desktop wallpapers are the only exception to the linkback policy.

The linkware terms apply to personal, non-profit, not-for-profit, commercial, and professional websites and web designers and developers.

All linkware are offered as-is and without warranty.

For more details, please visit my Terms of Use page. You must read and understand my terms. To skip or forget reading the terms does not release you from any liability should you omit putting links back to my website or paying any license fees. 

To the right are the links to the sets, edge backgrounds, and other bits and pieces pages. About once a month or so, I will add another set, edge background, and maybe other pieces, time permitting, to these collections. Check back at the main page or my blog for the latest news.

About the Sets

Most of the sets come with pre-printed navigation buttons and welcome headers usually using readily-available, free fonts for the text. Blank buttons and headers are included should you wish to use a different font than used with the sets. On the Resources page, I've listed a few shareware and freeware graphics programs you can get to put the text on my graphics plus one online source.

A few sets come with an HTML page in the same layout as the sample page for the set. You replace the existing content with your own content. Please be sure that you delete all of my text, my copyright info, and my Sitemeter code. You should be able to do that in the Edit mode or HTML mode of your web page editor. This also applies if you copy the HTML from your browser's View Source or View Page Source command.

Many sets are available for purchase. Once I receive payment for a set, it is removed and will not be offered again. Please understand. This is not exclusive, since there may have been previous downloads for a particular set and it may be in use. A purchase of a set only limits distribution. It does not transfer any title or copyright to you. Read the Terms of Use for full details.

All sets are behind password protected directories. The username and password are provided on the main set pages.

Downloading Web Page Sets

Begun in 2008, I now offer individual graphics as well as the zip file for download of new sets. You can either download each piece as shown on a separate download page or you can download all pieces in a handy zip file. Both links are on the sample page.

Windows users can use WinZip or PKWare Zip Reader (free) to unzip the sets. Windows and *nix users can use PKZip from PKWare. Mac users can use the free Stuffit Expander or the shareware ZipIt to unzip the sets.

If you cannot download and open a zipped file, I can arrange to have the individual pieces sent to you by email. Just let me know via the E-Form on the Contact page.

None of the older sets will be converted to this new format as it will take too long for me to do that and will take away time for me to both offer new graphics and to update my web site.

Downloading Border Backgrounds

For the border backgrounds, just click on the thumbnails to view the full page. Then use your right mouse button (PC) or press and hold the mouse button (Mac) to save the background image or picture to your own hard drive or desktop. Or save to your storage space, as in the case of WebTV users.

All border background graphics are behind password protected directories. Enter the username and password provided on the backgrounds pages. Background tiles are the exception to the password protection and are readily downloadable.

About the Desktop Wallpapers

I have noticed people looking for web page backgrounds and sets wander over to the desktop wallpaper pages. The desktop wallpapers are meant to be installed on your computer's desktop, not as web page backgrounds.

Your computer's desktop is the image on your screen after you log in. That's where your shortcut icons to your installed programs and your system are located. The wallpaper is the background image. Because the image is one piece, many of the wallpapers are very large in size.

If you use these on web pages, the pages will load very, very slowly, as you notice when you try to download them. If they load that slow for you, imagine how slowly they will load for your visitors if you use them as web page backgrounds. That will really annoy them and drive them away, never to return to your web site again. Not good. So please do not use desktop wallpapers for web pages. Enjoy them on your computer.

If you find a desktop wallpaper appealing enough to want to use something like that for a web site, please contact me and I will consider making a web set or just a similar background for download.

About the Fonts Used

Where possible, I offer fonts used on a set for download at this site. If I can't offer the font, I will provide a link to where you can download the font. Fonts that are offered for download here and links to the fonts used on most of the sets can be found on the Resources page. Mac users can use a handy shareware PC to Mac TT Converter for changing the PC fonts for Mac use.

For Mac users, here's a page that explains the above and also has downloads of the utilities mentioned in this section and the paragraph about unpacking zip files.

Want to Buy?

If you want to purchase a linkware set on a non-exclusive license basis, please follow the link to my page at Kagi. Kagi offers reliable, secure, and flexible payment options 24/7. They now offer the option of paying with your PayPal account. Please refer to their privacy policy and security page if you have any questions.



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