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Intro Page Sets
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These sets decorate your web site with a graphic to be used on an introduction page, also known as a splash page, to your web site. You will provide a link to the rest of your pages from this intro page. In addition to the intro graphic, there is a background graphic to be used on the inner pages of your web site. Each thumbnail opens to a new window which you need to close to return here. Use the login info shown below after the new window opens. Enter username and password in lower case only as shown. Please read Terms of Use before downloading.

Username: sets
Password: seenow

* Available for purchase
** Contains pieces for making nested tables




Set 203 - Sierra Forest
Sierra Forest *

Set 202 - Passages
Passages * **

Set 201 - Surreal City Skyline
Surreal City
Skyline *

Set 130 - Mellow Yellow
Mellow Yellow *

Set 128 - Distant Worldz
Distant Worldz *

Set 127 - Sunny Daze
Sunny Daze *

Set 126 - Tropic of Cancer, tropical theme set
Tropic of Cancer tropical theme*

Set 118 - Fallen Petals
Fallen Petals *

Set 104 - Kayaker's Delight
Kayaker's Delight * **

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