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The Top Edge or Border Background Graphics
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These are the top edge or border background graphics. Since most of these background graphics are only 2000 pixels long, you should keep your page content pretty short, too. Be sure to view your preliminary pages from your file folder in a browser before you publish them to the web. Make certain the top border does not re-appear on the bottom of the page. If it does, move some of the content to a new page and link to the new page. Tip: To keep the top border always at the top, create your page with a top frame (tutorial).

Click each thumbnail sample to open a full-size page of the background in a new window. Thumbnails do not show full-size borders. When the new window opens, use the login info shown below. Enter the username and password in lower case only just as you see it below. Further instructions are on each page. Please close the window to return here. Please read Terms of Use before downloading.

Username: bg
Password: look

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Springtime top edge background sampler
Thumbnail - Baby Blocks top edge background
Baby Blocks
Thumbnail of Night City Skyline top edge background
Night City Skyline
Shades of Purple top edge background sampler
Shades of Purple 
KnitTwo top edge background sampler
Knit Two 

 Thumbnail of Hearts 4 U top edge background
Hearts 4 U

Snowflake top edge background
Snowflake Top

Skeletons thumbnail click for full page

Thumbnail for Fall Leaves edge background graphic
Fall Leaves

Field of Tulips thumbnail - click for full page
Field of Tulips

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