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The Double Border Background Graphics

Sorry! These graphics are temporarily unavailable while they're being reworked.

These are the double border background graphics. Click each thumbnail sample to open a full-size page of the background in a new window. Use the name and password shown below after the new window opens. Enter the username and password in lower case only just as you see it below. Further instructions for set up and/ or downloading are on each page. Please close the window to return here.

Username: bg
Password: look

Remember to read the Terms of Use. As linkware, these graphics are usable without charge in exchange for a link back to this web site for personal, non-profit users including educational and governmental, e.g. military personnel, and commercial or professional users, except where it is noted that commercial, professional or web designers are not allowed to use the graphic. Web designers are treated the same as commercial or professional users. This applies across the board to graphics offered on this site.

Additionally, none of these graphics may be offered for download or for sale on your or any other website nor may they be put in a collection either on a website or on media for download or for sale. Those rights are solely mine.

You can use a text link to the main page or use a graphic link button. Link back must be on the same page where the graphic is used, not on a credits page.

  Snowflake double border background graphic thumbnail and link
Black Square on Color thumbnail
Black Square on [Color]
5 Different Colors!




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