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 The Edge or Border Background Graphics

You can choose from left border, top border or double border backgrounds. Each page shows thumbnail images. All of the thumbnail images open to a new window with the graphic and instructions on the page. Close the new window to return to the thumbnails page. But first, to access each background's full page view, you must enter the username and password provided on the main page.

Graphics cannot be linked to directly! You must download them to your own computer's hard drive, server or transloader service in the case of WebTV users. Mozilla & Firefox browser users: The Netscape instructions do not apply to those browsers. In order to download these backgrounds, you must first choose "View Background Image" from the right-click menu. Then right-click on the image and choose "Save Image As."

Arride bullet 1 Left Border Backgrounds

Arride bullet 1 Top Border Backgrounds

Arride bullet 1 Double Border Backgrounds - link is active but demo pages are currently being revised

Reminder to all: If you copy any page's source code to use as a template, please remove my textual content, my copyright, and my Sitemeter code so that you do not trigger my Sitemeter counter. As linkware, you must link to me on each page my graphics are used. Grab a link button to place on the page where any of these backgrounds are used as per my Terms of Use and link to my website's main URL at http://www.arride.com. You are allowed to use a text link instead, if you wish.



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Arride bullet 2
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wallpapers 2
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