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Hi there! Please use this form to send me communications.

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Please read the Privacy Policy for this site regarding this e-form.

Spamming to this address is not appreciated. I do not use this addy to opt-in to anything but a select trusted sites and I know what they are. Anything other than site-related communications to this addy will be reported as spam and YOUR addy will be blacklisted.

I do not and never have used arride.com for sending or receiving e-mail. If you receive any e-mail with the return address as "something(at symbol)arride.com," then this domain has been forged or spoofed by the real sender. I do not tolerate spam and am having a hell of a time cleaning out the inbox of spam and returned spoofed e-mail notices. I am looking for a better way of controlling the fraudulent use of my domain name by those spammers. As soon as I've implemented those procedure(s) or process(es), this notice wll be removed.

Thank you for your cooperation.


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